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The symbol of Shotokan is a "circled tiger". The tiger sets his pads against the walls of the circle trying to break or to broad its line. It symbolizes inner power, power of spirit and body, frenzy, quickness of actions and desire to master them. Space inside of the circle symbolizes features balanced these desires: nobility, modesty, hardworking, self control. It is impossible to understand picks of karatedo without all these features. Training in a gym (dodze) you have frenzy of a warrior, inside it you must be a calm and steady man without any aggression. "SPIRIT OF A TIGER - THE FACE OF A HARE", the Japanese say. Shotokan is appropriate to the aims and tasks of physical culture. As the most important component of whole development of an individual and a principle of common culture create a sustained motivation and necessaty to healthy and efficient life, to self-perfection, achievement of a hogher level of psychophysical training. There is a wide range of physical activity in Shotokan. Requirements of adherence of etiquette and respect to an opponent exclude display of brutality and violence. Along with effectiveness of actions, their technical accuracy from the positions of a style is appreciated. Only one movement can lead to the victory or to the defeat. It sharply increases a psychological effort of a fight and explains its transience. Shotokan is characterized by long and low standings, amplitude of movements and intended for a single combat for an average distance where lightning of distance reduction, accuracy of a hit, right implementation of techniques to use energy of total mass of a body more effectively, concentration of power, breath and spirit are very important. Thus Shotokan gives a great opportunity, for any person who does it, to win an opponent with better physical parameters only with one accuracy motion. All these train in the character such features as patience, hard- working, resolution, concentration, skills to appreciate a situation, foresight, width of mind and spirit, self-control. One of the main principles in karatedo is "One motion - minus an opponent."

"In Karatedo everyone can find all what he finds…"
Funakoshi Gitin

Since 1995 Professional Sports Club "USPEKH" attends to carry out technical seminars Toshiatsu Sasaki, owner of the Black Belt of 7th Dan, technical expert world federation karatedo (WTF).T.Sasaki lives in Sapporo (Japan) and is a founder of the International organization "Maruyoshikai" "Japan Karatedo Maruyoshikai Organization". Toshiatsu Sasaki is an owner of this technique , traditions, culture and spirit of karatedo in its true sense and is an embodiment of wide understanding of a word TEACHER not only within the gym (dodze) but in the real life.

Principle of DODZE:

Train better traits of the character.
Be true to Dodze doctrine.
Develop strength of spirit.
Hold in high respect all signes of Dodze politeness.
Never give a way for hot-temper.