Professional Sports Club "USPEKH"
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School of sport progress

Цой Светлана Борисовна

Tsoi Svetlana Morisovna

Manager of the School of sport progress "USPEKH"
Master of Sports of the USSR in Sports gymnastics
"Have you ever thought why karatedo attracts
you so much? No doubt, it's power, beauty,
training of spirit and philosophy. The beauty of motion,
flexibility and common coordination are developed with the help of
exercises for training gymnasts and dances. "

In September 2008 "USPEKH" started a new project for younger children - School of sport progress . The training program includes trainings under supervision of trainers in karatedo, gymnastics, choreography. Children have an opportunity to be developed harmoniously with the perspective of further excellent sports results. Different children's holidays, competitions, "Funny starts" are held for young sportsmen by trainers of the school. We would like to create atmosphere of delightful and awake desire not to part with sport during all life.

Trainings at Sports development school are estimated three -year- cycle: from 5 years old to 8 years old children. When finished school trainers council gives a recommendations for a child about direction he can choose to go on sports development and what kind of sports he can go in for to achieve best results. High qualified trainers and also some leading sportsmen of the club are attracted to teach pupils. It gives a possibility for children and parents to see and understand of generation continuity and appreciate a caring and respect toward the youngest sportsmen of the club "USPEKH".